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A Hymn A Day – Second Series

A HYMN A DAY: Choices for a different theme every day for a year. Contributed by Bernard Braley

How do those using HymnQuest begin to look at the full texts to see which have treasure for them? This article suggests how you can discover the work of some modern writers by exploring just one a day.


You can begin this programme at any time. It is not intended to relate to the Liturgical Year. Every hymn comes from a different Theme list. The full text of these hymns is contained in HymnQuest.

This list covers a further 365 themes. In this second series, the first hymn given usually comes from an author writing or providing an English version from 1940 onwards: the second hymn comes from an earlier period.

366 WORRIED Look and learn from the birds of the air; Eternal beam of light divine
367 WORSHIP AND LIFE Religion needs to permeate; New every morning is the love
368 WORTHY How shall you measure the worth of a man; Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
369 WOUNDS Move me to crying, silence and earth; At even ere rhe sun was set

370 WRITING Before the world’s foundation; Jesus, for the beacon-light
371 WRONG Creator God, with whom we share; Father, now our prayer is said
372 YEARS O Lord our God, in every age; Lead, kindly light, amid the encircling gloom
373 YEAST Kingdom Come, Kingdom here; Infinite God, to thee we raise
374 YOLK Jesus, you have shown us how; The herald of the Christ go forth
375 ZEAL Saul, breathing fire, Damascus bound; Give me the faith that can remove
376 ZION The desert shall rejoice and blossom as a rose; Behold the mountain of the Lord
377 VANITY O God who gives to humankind; O that the Lord would guide my ways
378 VEIL—WITHIN The risen Saviour now ascends; Lord Jesus Christ, we seek your face
379 VENITE Come, let us raise our voices to the Lord; Now, gracious God, Thine arm reveals

380 VINEYARD Have you been working since early morning; Hark, ’tis the watchman’s cry
381 VIOLENCE Where illness and disease; Call Jehovah thy salvation
382 VIRGIN MARY When the angel came that morning; There stood in heaven a linden tree
383 VIRGINS By the favour of man and woman; Spouse of Christ in arms contending
384 VISION Saw a bush with fiery leaves; An exile for the faith
385 VISION OF GOD Where true love is dwelling, God is dwelling there; Hark! The sound of holy voices
386 VISIONS Where restless crowds are thronging; He leads us on
387 VOCATION The master calls to service; We thank thee, Lord, for using us
388 VOICE Wind of the Spirit. move us on; Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve
389 WORD OF GOD—THE BIBLE May words of truth inform our minds; Inspirer of the ancient seers

390 WORDS O Jesus, he spak’ not a word; Bread of the world, in mercy broken
391 WORK OF SALVATION Three years they had known him as Master and Lord; Thy works, not mine, O Lord
392 WORK Come, you makers of the world; A workman in a village home
393 WORKERS Our God is one who makes things; Oh, it is hard to work for God
394 WORKS OF GOD Lord, look upon our working days; Not, Lord, thine ancient works
395 WORKS—GOOD WORKS This thread I weave; Behold, the servant of the Lord (I wait)
396 UNCERTAINIES We come uneasy, God, this festive season; No longer forward or behind
397 UNDERSTANDING God, you have given us power to sound; Be it my only wisdom here
398 UNION WITH GOD—CHRIST We shall go out with gratitude in us; For those we love within the veil
399 UNITY When minds and bodies meet as one; All hail, adoréd Trinity

400 UNITY OF THE CHURCH How good it is when we agree; Command thy blessing from above
401 UNITY OF THE WORLD Made in God’s image; God of our fathers, unto thee
402 UNIVERSE Across the boundless breadth of space; Sing, you faithful, sing with gladness
403 UNWORTHY Unworthy though we be; Nor worthy, Lord, to gather up the crumbs
404 UPPER ROOM James and Jesus We did not see you when we came
405 WORLD Where Christ is, his Church is there; Almighty Father, who does give
406 WORLDWIDE CHURCH From Asia and from Africa; Lord, thy ransomed Church is waking 407 WINTER The winter snow is hanging low; Good King Wenceslas looked out
408 WISDOM OF GOD Human wisdom has no measure; When God of old came don from heaven
409 WITH US All the law that God has given; O love divine, that stoop’st to share

410 WITH YOU ALWAYS I will not forget you; I dared not hope that thou wouldst deign to come
411 WITNESS So you challenge the popular line; Away with our fears! The glad morning
412 WITNESS TO JESUS When Jesus worked here on earth; The whole wide world for Jesus
413 WITNESS TO SONSHIP O come, good Spirit, come fill all the earth; Immortal love, for ever full
414 WOLF This is the night. dear friends, the night for weeping; Bishop of the souls of men
415 WOMAN Reeling from the realization; Hark, my soul, it is the Lord
416 WOMAN WHO ANOINTED JESUS Said Judas to Mary; Not to the swift, the race
417 WOMAN WITH HAEMORRAHAGE The scantest touch of grace can teach; Christ cometh, not as king t reign
418 WOMEN A tapestry of names; How blest the matron, who, endued
419 WOMEN AT THE CROSS Mary, who stayed with your mother and John; See him, in raiment rent

420 WOMEN AT TOMB A prophet-woman broke a jar; God Joseph had a garden
421 WONDERFUL COUNSELLOR Into darkness light has broken; The race that long in darkness pined
422 TASTE Take my gifts and let me love you; In the quiet consecration
423 SYMBOLS O God of grace, we thank you; Together with these symbols, Lord
424 SYMPATHY Talk gently to the deaf man; Can I see another’s woe
425 SYSTEMS No soaring, sky-ride song of joy; Blow. winds of God, awake and blow
426 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT Give thanks for Christ’s apostles; My heart is full of Christ, and longs
427 SWORDS The prophet had a vision; Sing we the King who is coming to reign
428 SUFFERING Who will build upon this matchless cornerstone; My Saviour, thou thy love for me
429 SUPPLY Hitherto the Lord has blessed us; They who know our Lord indeed

430 SUFFERING AND PAIN Speechless in a world that suffers; All praise be to God, whom all things obey
431 SUFFERING OF JESUS Before a crown, a cross to bear; The sacred cross of Jesus
432 SUNDAY This day above all days; King of glory, King of peace
433 SUN Before the dawn. the daystar; Behold the lilies of the field
434 SUN OF RIGHTEOUNESS All shall be well for on our Easter skies; Jesus, sun of righteousness
435 SUNRISE As the light upon the river; Begin the day with God
436 SUNSET Know every leaf of every tree; Come, labour on
437 TURN TO GOD Seek the Lord, whose willing presence; Thee will I love, my strength, my tower
438 TRADITION Thank you, O Lord, for time that is now; From many ways and wide apart
439 TRANSIENT I am the candlelight; Strong Son of God, immortal love

440 TRAVAIL O sovereign Lord, ascended King; Thou spakest, Lord, and into one
441 TRAVELLERS In her house, there is a table; Softly the silent night
442 WAITING How long, O Lord, how long?; Blest are the saints, O God
443 WAITING FOR THE SPIRIT The Spirit of the living God; The Holy Spirit, Lord, alone
444 WAKE—AWAKE With minds refreshed by rest again; Awake, my soul, and with the sun
445 WALKING Down by the pool of Bethesda; Happy the souls to Jesus joined
446 SURPRISE God of the unexpected; Christians rise, and act thy creed
447 SURRENDER Enter the stable. hear the cattle lowing; True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal
448 SUSTAINER Across the boundless curves of space; Forget them not, O Christ, who stand
449 SUSTAINING God of the star-strewn spaces; Praise to the Lord. the Almighty, the King of Creation

450 STUMBLING Do you see that man they’ve just arrested; Courage, brother, do not stumble
451 TREMBLING God is Kind—the nations tremble; O God, my God, my all thou art
452 TRIAL OF JESUS One whose heart is hard as steel; Go to dark Gethsemane
453 TRIBES When at first the Word was spoken; O, ’twas a joyful sound to hear
454 TRIBULATION A God-fearing woman; Thee, Jesus, full of truth and grace
455 TRINITY Rejoice with us in God, the Trinity; Father, in whom we live
456 WALKING BY FAITH When on life a darkness falls; Teach me thy way, O Lord
457 WALKING ON THE WATER A leaf tossed by the sea; O pilot of our bark
458 WALLS When prison walls extend their reach; Christ has a garden walled around
459 WANDER Lift me up on your shoulder, shepherd; Come, let us sing of a wonderful love

460 WAR God, while the world with war and hatred burns; God is our refuge and our strength, our ever present
461 STRAY—ASTRAY Here’s a child for you, Lord; A little lamb went straying
462 STRAIN AND STRESS Lord, as we rise to leave this shell of worship; Dear Lord and Father of mankind
463 STREET—STREETS Jesus Christ is waiting; Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old
464 STRENGTH Broader than the ocean’s limits; Captain of Israel’s hose, and guide
465 STRIFE All who love and serve your city; Holy Spirit, ever dwelling
466 TITLES OF JESUS Jesus, your church was built on firm foundations; Glory be to God on high, and peace
467 THANKSGIVING FOR COMMUNION Father, it is right and fitting; For the bread and for the wine
468 THANKSGIVING FOR LIFE Always remember, never forget; Not on this day, O God, alone
469 THE OPPRESSED Lord, involve us in your loving; Now God be with us, for the night is falling

470 THIRST All the brown and bare horizons; High beyond imagination
471 WAR AGAINST EVIL Torn beyond imagination; Father whose will is life and good
472 WAR DEAD God! As with silent hearts we bring; O God all loving, God of justice dread
473 WARFARE—SPIRITUAL Gentle God,when we are driven; Christian, dost thou see them on the holy ground
474 WAVES When wind caresses the waves of the sea; A little ship was on the sea
475 WATER INTO WINE What kind of man is this; O Father, all creating
476 WATCH—WATCHING All who wake tonight; Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
477 WATCH AND PRAY Prayer is waiting, open to the will of God; Thou judge of quick and dead
478 WARNING Wild and lone the prophet’s voice; Lo, in the wilderness a voice
479 THORNS—NOT CROWN A farmer went to sow his seed; Ye sons of earth, prepare the plough

480 THOUGHTS I planted a seed; God be in my head, and in my understanding
481 THREATS—THREATEN Lord, merciful and strong and just; Calm me, my God, and keep me calm
482 THRONE Amid the fears that oppress our day; Before Jehovah’s awesome throne
483 THUNDER Morning, evening, frost and dew; Day of judgement! Day of wonders
484 TE DEUM God of gods, we sound his praises; Infinite God, to thee we raise
485 TEACH God, who stretched the spangled heavens; I often say my prayers
486 TEAR FUND—CHRISTIAN AID—CAFOD Once upon a time they went; When thy heart, with joy outflowing
487 TEACHER Who was the other who died on the hill; Lord, from whose hand we take our charge
488 TEACHER AND PREACHER God grant us words to speak; Jesu, for the beacon-light
489 WEAK Creator of all, your word we acclaim; All things that live below the sky

490 WEALTH He generously gave his wealth; I learned it in the meadow path
491 WEARY—NOT TIREDNESS There in God’s garden stands the Tree of Wisdom; Come, sinners, to the gospel feast
492 STRONG Spirit of Jesus, as strong as the wind; Fit us for thy service, Lord
493 STONE Each of us is a living stone; All in an Easter garden
494 STORM A still small voice in the heart of the city; Begone. unbelief, my Saviour is near
495 STORY As we gather at your table; Book of grace and book of glory
496 STABLE—CHRISTMAS Down to earth, as a dove; Once in royal David’city
497 STAND Stand up! Walk tall in the house of God!; When this passing world is done
498 STAR—CHRISTMAS Every star shall sing a caro;l A childling slept
499 STARS Christ buring, past all suns; Away in a manger, no crib for a bed

500 STARVATION Crowds followed Yesu to the hills Thine are all the gifts, O God
501 STEADFASTNESS Come into the streets with me!; Father, let me dedicate
502 STEPHEN—BIBLE—SAINT Saint Stephen was faithful; First of martyrs, thou whose name
503 STILL SMALL VOICE Into the gulf, the silent space; Where is your God?—they say
504 STILLNESS From the town’s dusty clamour; Prince of peace, control my will
505 SPACE Above the moon, earth rises; By every nation, race and tongue
506 SPARROW Lord God, your hand has made; Maker of earth and sea and sky
507 SPEAKING THROUGH THE PROPHETS God has spoken—by his prophets; O Lord our God, didst thou in days of old
508 SPEAR O Christ, the master carpenter; Behold the amazing sight
509 SPICES In the dark of Easter morning; Christ hath a garden walled around

510 SPIRIT A baby cries and gurgles with delight; Be this our happy destiny
511 SPIRIT OF FAITH Flame of fire from midmost heaven; Spirit of faith, come down
512 SPIRIT OF GRACE Spirit of truth and grace; Our blest redeemer, ere he breathed
513 SPIRIT OF HEALTH I find my refuge in the; Lord, no fears Spirit of life and light
514 SPIRIT OF LIBERTY The justice tree has bloomed; Send down thy truth, O God!
515 SPIRIT OF LIFE God’s Spirit, as a rising gale; Beauteous Spirit, ever shedding
516 SPIRIT OF LOVE Living God, your joyful Spirit; Come down, O Love divine
517 SPIRIT OF POWER As glass will take the light; Father, if justly still we claim
518 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Committed to Christ; Lord God, the Holy Ghost
519 SPIRIT OF UNITY Divided by cultures, traditions and speech; Eternal ruler of the ceaseless round

520 SPIRIT OF WISDOM Moon and bright sun, wind and white cloud; Angel voices, ever singing
521 WINE As we break the bread; Jesus, sun and shield art thou
522 WEDDING AT CANA A secret garden and a rose; Thou who at Cana didst appear
523 WINGS The vision of the living God; From every stormy wind that blows
524 WELL Lead me, God, across the desert; Riches unsearchable
525 WHISPER O God of truth and justice; I dared not hope that thou wouldst deign to come
526 WILL My freedom, Lord, my memory; Jesus, mighty to renew
527 WILL OF GOD From east and west, from north and south; A voice by Jordan’s shore
528 WILDERNESS Pray for the wilderness, vanishing fast; O God unseen, but ever near
529 TRUE Lord God, you made us for yourself; I can picture Jesus toiling

530 TRUMPET A day to awe and terrify; Blow ye the trumpet, blow
531 TRUST A depth of satisfaction; A little sun, a little rain
532 SPRING—SOURCE OF WATER Bold she was and brassy, and she travailed by hersel’; Awake, our souls, away our fears
533 SPORT As athletes gather round the track; All lands and peoples, all the earth
534 SPRING—SEASON Grandmother earth; Kindly spring is here again
535 TEMPTATIONS OF JESUS Savagely beat the desert sun; Tell me the story of Jesus
536 TENDERNESS Come from the north, giver of life; In tenderness he sought me
537 TENT I have travelled long in the weary way; For ever with the Lord
538 TRUST IN GOD Earth is shaken to its bedrock; God holds the key of all unknown
539 TRUTH A mighty wind invades the world; All people who on earth do dwell

540 TRUTHFULNESS Whatsoever things are lovely; Day by day, we magnify thee
541 TO BE WITH CHRIST God, let me welcome timely deeds; Be still, my soul, the Lord is on your side
542 TODAY Your holy hearsay; All the architects of faith
543 TESTIMONY Within the love of God I hide; O happy day that fixed my choice
544 TESTING When, O God, our faith is tested; Thee, Jesus, God of truth and grace
545 TABLE Eat this bread and never hunger; Be known to us in breaking bread
546 TAKING—BEARING THE CROSS It was easy up to Caesarea Philippi; Help us to help each other, Lord
547 TOIL Lord, we bring to you our treasure; Behold the Bridegroom cometh in the middle of the night
548 TOMB A dancer’s body leaps and falls; Bearing myrrh and spices sweet
549 TOMORROW Nowhere stately, serene or pretty; Sometimes a light surprises

550 TONGUE God is our song, and every singer blest; All thanks to the Lamb
551 TONGUES OF FIRE On the day of Pentecost; Father in heaven, we wait before thy face
552 TONGUES—SPEAKING IN Should I rehearse with human voice; Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
553 TORTURE Eternity once entered time; For man, the Saviour shed
554 TOUCH Trust is in the eyes of a tiny babe; Jesus is this dark world’s light
555 TOWN—TOWNS Ring a bell for peace; Send down thy truth O God
556 TIDE We set a frame on nature; Waves are beating on the shore
557 TIMELESS From age to age, Lord, you endure; God of ages and of nations
558 TIREDNESS Someone today is weary and weeping; When the weary, seeing rest
559 SABBATH God rested on the seventh day; Lo, when the day of rest was past

560 SACRAMENT Shot through and through with wonder; Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all
561 SACRED HEART Word and wisdom of the Father; O sacred heart, our home lie deep in thee
562 SACRIFICE BY US—OTHERS Half the world is hungry, Lord; A fire-mist and a planet
563 SACRIFICE OF CHRIST Christ has died that all might live; Christ, enthroned in highest heaven
564 SACRIFICE OF PRAISE With one voice, they joined their praise; Now from the altar of my heart
565 SAD I’m sitting by myself and I’m feeling very sad; Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness
566 SAFETY Yesu bids us work for peace and justice; They lack not friend who have thy love
567 SAILORS When Paul appealed to Caesar’s court; If I were a beautiful, twinkling star
568 SALEM—BIBLE Heavy with despair, half-broken; When mothers of Salem their children brought to Jesus
569 SALT OF THE EARTH Christ to humble service calls us; Soul, array thyself with gladness

570 SALVATION Every heart its tribute pays; All who believe and are baptised
571 SAMUEL—BIBLE God rich in mercy, God of compassion; Hushed was the evening hymn
572 SANCTUARY Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord; O Jerusalem the blissful
573 SANCTUS Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty; Hail, blessed virgin Mary
574 SATAN—BIBLE Bread into stones, magic displayed; Be thou our guardian and our guide
575 SAVE Lest friends or mob; Amazing grace! how sweet the sound
576 SAVIOUR Born as a stranger; All thanks to the Lord, who whispers abroad
577 SCEPTRE Let those with voices sing; O’er the gloomy hills of darkness
578 SCHOOLS Before the roads or railways came; Lord and Saviour, true and king
579 SCIENCE AND FAITH Let creation bless the Father; Before thy feet I fall

580 SCOURGING OF JESUS Look on us, Jesus, bound and waiting for your cross; Past are the cross, the scourge, the thorn
581 SCRIPTURE—SCRIPTURES Teach me to love the Scriptures, Lord; Spirit of truth, essential God
582 SEA AND WATER Sing green for the good sweet earth; O safe to the rock that is higher than I
583 SEAFARERS Swept by the waves that surge and surf; Eternal Father, strong to save
584 SEALED Baptised in water, sealed by the Spirit; A mighty mystery we set forth
585 SEARCHING Dig, Michelangelo; O God, whose law is in the sky
586 SEASONS It’s rounded like an orange; All things bright and beautiful
587 SEATED In Christ shall all be made alive, we sing!; Lamb of God, thou now art seated
588 SECOND ADAM The primal sin of Adam; Praise to the holiest in the height
589 SECOND COMING From ancient times the promise stood; He dies! He dies! the lowly man of sorrows

590 SECRET The spirit of wisdom is brighter than gold; O Master let me walk with thee
591 SECURITY Yesu, gift of God to humankind; Fast sinks the sun to rest
592 SEEKING Earth in the dark, like Mary of Magdala; Father of mercies, thy children have wandered
593 SELF ABASEMENT I used to think God sat upon the circle of the earth; Not I, but Christ be honoured, loved, exalted
594 SELF CONTROL May we, O Holy Spirit, bear your fruit; Not by the martyr’s death alone
595 SELF DENIAL When Pilate sentenced Christ the king; So let our lips and lives express
596 SELF EMPTYING Praise the God who changes places; Thou who didst empty thyself of thy glory
597 SELF INTEREST God’s perfect love revives the soul; O God all-loving, God of justice dread
598 SELF KNOWLEDGE As we fumble, and assault; Come, O thou all victorious Lord
599 SELF SACRIFICE Rejoice in God’s saints, today and all days; All I have I leave for Jesus

600 SELFISHNESS Angels dust the dawn with dancing; My sins have taken such a hold of me
601 SENT FROM THE FATHER I am the homeless; Thou who didst call the saints of old
602 SERAPHIM God could have chosen seraphim; Where is this stupendous stranger?
603 SERPENT God of Israel’s names and numbers; Jesus our Lord, with what joy
604 SERVANT—CHRIST The servant, crushed with pain, we see; Behold the Lamb of God, who bears
605 SERVANT—OCCUPATION You give, Lord, the sign to your servant; Ye servants of God
606 SERVANT—OTHERS—SERVANTS A God-fearing woman; How do thy mercies close me round
607 SERVICE Light of the minds that know him; Forward through the ages
608 SERVICE OF GOD God has given our body hands, feet, ears and eyes; A workman in a village home.
609 SERVICE OF OTHERS A broken loaf—this broken world; Is your cruse of comfort failing?

610 SEVEN WORDS FROM THE CROSS Forgive them, Father dear It is finished! It is finished!; As the sun sinks down to rest
611 SHADOW Triune God, in love resplendent; Lighten the darkness of our life’s long night
612 SHAME How could I disown my Master; Dear master, in whose life I see
613 SHARING A house has different rooms; Lord Christ, who on thy heart did bear
614 SHARING HUMAN NATURE When God almighty came to earth; I bow in silence at thy feet
615 SHARON—BIBLE Beloved of the throne on high; Our master hath a garden which fair flowers adorn
616 SHEEP Where are you going, Peter, my friend?; Christ, who knows all his sheep
617 SHEPHERD Greatheart, trusty friend, my guide; O David was a shepherd lad
618 SHEPHERD—GOD AS—CHRIST AS I lift my eyes to the quiet hills; Come, faithful shepherd, bind me
619 SHEPHERD—GOOD Jesus, shepherd of our souls; O true bread, good shepherd tend us

620 SHEPHERD’S STAFF O God of grace, we thank you; Jesus makes my heart rejoice
621 SHEPHERDS—CHRISTMAS Come now with awe, earth’s ancient vigil keeping; A virgin most pure, as the prophets do tell
622 SHIELD Abraham’s faith give us today; None is like Jeshrun’s God
623 SHINE Little star, stay with us; Through all the winding way of life
624 SHOUT Praise our God with shouts of joy; Away with gloom, away with doubt
625 SHRINE We have come at Christ’s own bidding; The God, whom earth and sea and sky
626 SICK—MINISTRY TO Jesus heard with great compassion; O God, whose will is life and good
627 SICKNESS Whatsoever you do to the least of them; A year is dead, a year is born
628 SIGHT Called from safer pastures, lifestyle of our choice; O thou to whose all-searching sight
629 SIGNS Stranger-Christ, from death returning; Hast thou said, exalted Jesus

630 SILENCE A still small voice in the heart of the city; I cannot tell why he, whom angels worship
631 SIMEON—BIBLE Now Simeon was an agéd man; See this child but six weeks’ old
632 SIN Happy are those whose offence is forgiven; Father, I dare believe
633 SINAI—BIBLE If our God had simply saved us; In days of old on Sinai
634 SINCERITY Serve the Lord God only, serve the Lord with fear; I often say my prayers
635 SING Jesus set my soul a-singing; Come, O my soul and sing
636 SINNERS Hear how the universe laughs to show its gladness; Come, sinners to the gospel feast
637 SINS John the Baptist was a preacher; Fain would I, Lord of grace
638 SISTER Mary, conceiver of scandalous grace; Jesus, the children are calling
639 SKIES Skipping down the pavement wide; God from on high has heard

640 SLAVES Our good Lord, past limitation; My glorious Victor, Prince divine
641 SLAVES IN SIN Christ is our freedom, Christ who is Lord; Once to every man and nation
642 SLEEP The homes holds a stillness, the walls echo fear; God calling yet: shall I not fear?
643 SLOTH Once more, O Father, our worship we bring you; Behold, the Bridegroom draweth nigh
644 SNOW When I see the salmon leap the fall; Though your sins be as scarlet
645 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Where the damp streams down the walls; Thou Lord of hosts whose guiding hand
646 SOCIETY In our city life is promise; Wise men patience never want
647 SOLDIERS Dark against the eastern sky; When thy soldiers take their swords
648 SOLDIERS AT THE CROSS To mock your reign, O dearest Lord; The children of Jeru’lem stood
649 SOLITUDE A new day bids us wake; Calm me, God, and keep me calm

650 SON OF DAVID When King David ruled in Jordan; Earth was waiting, spent and restless
651 SON OF GOD For ourselves no longer living In love, from love thou comest
652 SON OF MAN John came a-preaching by the Jordan river; O son of man, our hero strong and tender
653 SON OF MARY Jesus, child of Mary born; Evensong is hushed in silence
654 SONG Give thanks for music-making art; Gazing on thee, Lord of glory
655 SONS AND DAUGHTERS As sons of the day and daughters of light; Round the sacred city gathers light
656 SOUL Some day the fog comes creeping Give me the enlarged desire
657 SOURCE OF JOY For the golden daffodil; For the beauty of the earth
658 SOURCE OF LIFE Mothering God, you gave me birth; Thou One is all, thou All is one
659 SOVEREIGN In all things, God is working out; It is the Lord, my covenant God

660 SOWER A farmer went to sow his seed; Now the sowing and the weeping
661 RACE In that land, which we call holy; Teach me, O Lord, to follow him who trod
662 RACE RELATIONS Bridge a river, span a gorge; Spirit of light—holy
663 RACE—ATHLETICS Ahead of us, a race to run; Awake, O Lord, as in the time of old!
664 RAINBOW—BIBLE When Noah’s ark is high and dry; All things praise Thee, God most high
665 RAINBOWS I jump for joy as each new day dawns; I meet thee, precious Jesu!
666 RAISE THE DEAD Come out, Lazarus, four days sleeping; For all thy saints, a noble throng
667 RANSOM God of all human history; Here is love, vast as the ocean
668 READY You must be ready, the Master said; Working together, wary and strong
669 REAL PRESENCE God of the covenant, yours is the word of salvation; O Jesus, make thyself to me

670 REASON In my world, there’s a God, a Reason and a Mind; The spacious firmament on high
671 REBELLION God my heart rejoices and my strength is kindled; A fierce unrest seethes at the core
672 RECEIVE Like a child love would send; The blest memorials of thy grief
673 RED SEA—BIBLE At the time of Exodus; When Moses and his soldiers
674 REDEEMED Here we join the hosts of heaven; God heard Man’s supplication
675 REDEEMER Jesus, Redeemer, come; Crown him with many crowns
676 REDEMPTION God of prophesy and promise; God and Father, we adore thee, now revealed
677 REDEMPTIVE SUFFERING A spendthrift lover is the Lord; There is a fountain filled with blood
678 REFINING Born in me, Fire of God; Not when with self dissatisfied
679 REFRESHMENT Here is the route laid out for us to follow; Be present with thy servants, Lord

680 REGRET Take this moment, sign and space; Show me thy face, one transient gleam
681 REIGN How shall the wise be proud of their wisdom; Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
682 REIGNS Bless the Lord, our fathers’ God; Raise the psalm; let earth adoring
683 REJECTED—REJECTION In the void before creation; Our Lord is now rejected
684 REJOICING I throw my rejoicing like birds in the heaven; Hark, what a sound and too divine for hearing
685 RELATIONSHIP He’s not only in the incarnation; O Father of wisdom and friendship and peace
686 RELEASE Long ago, in a town so obscure; He from thy burden will give relief
687 REMEMBERING A time for birthing, a time for dying; No bone of thee was broken
688 REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY O yearning hearts, who long for peace to reign Lord God of hosts, whose mighty hand
689 REMEMBRANCE—EUCHARIST Where shall we get ready the meal?; Now Jesus we obey

690 REMNANT God of the world’s great cities; Fountain of life and living breath
691 RENEWING Holy Spirit, come, confirm us Servant of God remember
692 RENUNCIATION OF THE WORLD Lord Jesus, be near me throughout this whole day; Jesus, lead me up the mountain
693 REPENTANCE In the depth of winter’s darkness; Father, whose love we have wronged by transgression
694 RESCUE Cold waters flood across the ground; When wilt thou save the people?
695 RESPECT O source of many cultures; Freedom is the finest gold
696 RESPONSE TO GOD Now let us translate in the language of human-ness; I will accept his offer now
697 RESPONSE TO GOSPEL O wounded head, enduring; What shall I do my God to love, my loving
698 REST O rest in peace at last, and be contented; Come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile
699 RESTORATION OF A CHURCH Now God be praised, the work is done; O Jerusalem the blissful

700 RESURRECTED Were the world to end tomorrow; O Lord, our strength in weakness
701 RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE I lay there on my bed; The first good joy that Mary had
702 RESURRECTION APPEARANCES If Jesus lives, a present; Lord Jesus stand among us
703 RESURRECTION—EASTER As we contemplate the future; ‘Twas about the dead of night
704 RETREAT—SPIRITUAL Come with me to a quiet place; Lord, in this peaceful place
705 RETURN IN GLORY New days are coming; When through the whirl of wheels and engines turning
706 RETURN TO CHRIST Come in from the cold, my friend; Weary souls that wander wide
707 RETURN TO THE FATHER As earth that is dry and parched in the sun; What means this eager, anxious throng
708 REVEALING Good news is here, let lameness turn to leaping; Jesus, to us thyself reveal
709 REVELATION OF GOD Can a man be kind and caring?; Glory to the first-begotten

710 REVERENCE Thank you. God, for other people; Spirit of wisdom. turn our eyes
711 REVIVE When this land knew God’s gracious love; O food of men wayfaring
712 RICH May the anger of Christ be mine; The Lord is rich and merciful
713 RICHES God our provider; Happy the man that finds his grace
714 RIDE Ride on, ride on , the time is right; Ride on triumphantly! Behold, we lay
715 RIGHT AND WRONG The lollipop man; When courage fails and faith burns low
716 RIGHT HAND Man of Galilee, will you come; Lord Jesus, thou did keep thy child
717 RIGHTEOUSNESS God of the prophets, bless the prophets’ heirs; In beauty of his holiness
718 RING The bells ring out at Christmastide; Sing, people, sing
719 RISEN ‘Do quickly what you have to do’, the Master says; How oft, O Lord, thy face has shone

720 ROAD Travelling the road to freedom; God of the earnest heart
721 ROAD TO EMMAUS In the garden Mary lingers; When two friends on Easter Day
722 ROBE Into Jerusalem Jesus rode; Every morning the red sun
723 ROCK OF AGES We worship God the Rock, unmoved, secure; O God, the Rock of ages
724 ROCK OF SALVATION Let us sing out our praises to the Lord; Let us join ’tis God commands
725 ROD OF JESSE A winter rose shall flower; Thou hidden love of God, whose height
726 ROGATIONTIDE Our God, we seek your face; Lord, to our humble prayers attend
727 ROOTS As trees that withstand the winds shaking; Be this our happy birthday
728 ROYAL PRIESTHOOD This is the vineyard rich in fruit; Lo, round the throne a glorious band
729 PURPOSE—GOD’S Builder of the starry frame; Lord God of Hosts, whose mighty hand

730 PURPOSE Holy weaver, may we watch you; What purpose burns within our heart

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