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The HymnQuest Project is a hymn and worship song database initiative set up by The Pratt Green Trust in the 1990s. The first publication, a book HymnQuest: A Dictionary of Hymnody was published in 1997 and a software version has been published on behalf of the trust by Stainer & Bell Ltd annually since 2000. The all-new version (16.0) was published in the Copyright Licence Users’ Edition in February 2014 and HymnQuest Lite (replacing the old Standard Version) in June 2014. In August 2015 version 17.0 was introduced, which included a Web App to enable the indexes to be searched on mobile devices. The Joint General Editors are Revd Dr Andrew Pratt and Revd Dr Janet Wootton.

Dr Fred Pratt GreenThe Pratt Green Trust is a charity established in 1984 by the Methodist hymn writer Fred Pratt Green, principally as a means of deploying the royalty income from his hymns for the benefit of authors, composers and users of Hymnody. The Trustees follow the wishes of Fred Pratt Green that they should concentrate on projects that were unlikely otherwise to be fulfilled, and that they were to spend funds, rather than hoard them for undefined future needs. HymnQuest fulfils both these conditions.

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