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In the early days of my Premier Christian Radio programme HEARTS AND HYMNS, I sometimes struggled to dig out the background details and stories about composers and writers which bring to life the inspiration for each individual hymn. HymnQuest has revolutionised that for me, as biographical details, texts and melodies are all available at the touch of a button. The more you know about why and how a hymn was written, the more personal impact it makes on how we feel as we sing it.
Pam Rhodes, TV and radio presenter

Prepare to be amazed and impressed by this practical and extensive resource
The Hymn Society Bulletin

To explore the full range of contemporary hymnody without HymnQuest would be like studying geography without an atlas
Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith

HymnQuest has transformed the use of hymns and songs in many churches. Personally I can’t see how I ever survived without it!
Dr John Henderson, RSCM

Many thanks for the superb production – which remains of immense use – is easy to use, a great timesaver – and unlocks numerous treasures to enrich our worship!
Adrian Cassidy, Twickenham

HymnQuest really does do everything I need it to, even down to finding a hymn when all I can remember is the tune! We have also been running Sunday Evening themed services based on particular hymn writers and the little potted biographies have proved in valuable! Its a great system that works very well with our presentation software, but also as a personal devotional resource. Its Brill!
Revd Philip Patterson, Perth

Can I just say how great I think Hymnquest is? It is a tremendous resource in the preparation of worship AND enables me to sound intelligent at parties when people cannot remember the hymn from which a particular phrase comes! Thank you.
Revd Dunn-Wilson, Cornwall

What a help HymnQuest is. The links work perfectly and it’s the quickest way of finding out anything to do with hymns. I prefer HymnQuest to looking up the paper index in the hymn book!
Tim Hicks, Kent

HymnQuest is the best thing since sliced bread!
Mike Canning, Fleetwood

Thankyou for a wonderful product which has been so helpful during my ministry.
H Gordon, Rhyl

I find the software invaluable and use it literally every week. I have five churches using four different hymn books and the time HymnQuest saves me is again, invaluable.
Fr Spokes, Northampton

Many thanks. I find it an invaluable resource – especially keeping track of the copyright items during the year which makes life so much easier.
P Thorneycroft, Wolverhampton

The compilers of HymnQuest have put liturgists and theologians enormously in their debt by their Herculean labours.
Scottish Journal of Theology

The more I use the software, the greater I find its usefulness.
M Paton, Scotland

HymnQuest is a valuable resource which no church should be without.
Dr David Cairns, Ilford

I think hymnquest is marvellous. It never gives me any problems and I use it two or three times each week.
Revd Dr Alan Murray, Westhill

Have posted today a cheque for renewal of Hymnquest, which is like having a third arm.
David Eagle, Epsom

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